Best Affordable Offshore Company In India | Zytal
Best Affordable Offshore Company In India | Zytal

Hire offshore employees from a leading Indian outsourcing company. Reduce development costs by up to 60% with dedicated offshore developers.

At Zytal, we have made the recruitment process transparent and straightforward. Our priority is to make it easy for you to set up an offshore development center in India or hire dedicated staff based on your project requirements. Take a look at Zytal’s process and find out how easy it is to hire developers with us!

  • Full-time Working Staff
  • Dedicated staffs at the best price
  • 100% confidentiality concerning NDA
  • Quality work at an affordable price
  • 97% customer retention rate.
  • 100% confidentiality by NDA.
  • Fast and easy customization process.

Our dedicated staff can help you save time, money, and energy in your routine. Our staff helps your business thrive by giving you enough time to expand and promote your products.

  • We can process customer requests by mail or phone.
  • We discuss essential details about services and products with customers.
  • Dealing with accounts and billing
  • Manage your travel plans and schedules
  • We can organize and send suggestions and other meeting resources.
  • Processing your correspondence
  • We’re able to maintain your calendar and hold meetings.
  • We help you deal with transcription services.

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Working Office Assistant for Your Business

With our unique virtual employee business model, you do not need to pay any overhead!

  • Because taking care of administrative tasks on your behalf is not as viable as our employees can do for you.
  • To improve your ability level.
  • Because savings on capital costs, operating costs, employee benefits, etc., are always right.
  • Our dedicated and intelligent professionals provide value-added solutions to everyday challenges.
  • Our experts address concerns with Medicare, federal, unemployment, and state taxes.
  • Unlike a home assistant, you only pay the remote employee for the hours he/she worked.
  • You will have enough time for necessary activities and rest.

Why should you hire employees from us?

Reduce up to 80% of your costs with Zytal Outsourcing!

The experienced staff at Zytal understand your needs and provide accurate solutions to meet them. The human resources provided by Zytal Specialization serve international clients such as busy executives and CEOs and know about the informative diversity and different colors of different cultures.

We not only specialize in getting the right customer to the right employee, but we also ensure that you choose the best remote assistant from our vast pool of talent. The virtual assistant you take from us is committed to providing excellent solutions, meeting deadlines, fulfilling orders with high pressure, and a list of secretarial tasks. They not only provide tailor-made and cost-effective solutions, but they also operate in environments where communication is accessible. For your data, our IT team will ensure to protect it from internal and external storage.

Many more reasons for hiring a personal assistant from us:

  • We have experienced experts in managing administrative tasks.
  • Deadline is a deadline, no matter how difficult.
  • We have an environment with state-of-the-art technology, which means no glitches.
  • Our specialists work under strict quality control.
  • The number of employees you take from us depends entirely on your wish.

How does this work


You tell us what you want. Most firms choose employees with 1 to 5 years of experience. We go hunting for the right person only. We interview and evaluate references from existing employees as well as through online recruitment websites. The candidates then go through a rigorous process, so in the end, leaving only the creamy layer.


Your team works in a modern, safe building. Your employees work together as a team and a larger team in a positive and productive environment—multiple backup Internet connections and new computer systems for each employee.


The task of managing workflow and personnel tasks lies with you, along with any other employees. We monitor your employees to ensure that they are at their workplace and work. We handle all HR and employee issues.

Co-operative Learning

We suggest that you set aside time in the first few days to train your new employee.

What Can You Outsource?

While many experienced practitioners see the attraction of offshoring, it often arises when tasks are suitable for offshoring, as adaptions of many roles and functions with offshoring.

Administration/Back Office 

The administration is of everyday use for outsourcing. There is a variety of range of roles that suit offshoring:

  • Billing
  • Insurance support
  • Real-estate support
  • Management
  • Data Processing
  • Accounting
  • HR Support
  • Personal Assistant

Customer Support

Customer support plays a vital role in outsourcing. Every industry needs proper and constant communication with clients. It may be time-consuming and expensive – offshoring is an effective solution for such brands! There is a range of roles that suit offshoring, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Live chat
  • Customer service
  • Customer polls
  • Comment moderation

Benefits Of Offshore Employees For Your Business

These days companies outsource their business function processes to third-party vendors to manage costs and improve performance. Any business process that serves from an offshore location can be outsourced. Some common examples of business processes that can be outsourced are transaction processing, call center services, transcription services, marketing, software development, creative design, and more.

Offshore management has improved over the years, and “Agile Models have replaced traditional outsourcing.” which ensures that foreign employees also participate on a similar footing, offering fresh approaches and unique ways of solving problems and ultimately making more profit.

Business growth

The most important benefit of outsourcing your company’s business processes to an offshore team is that it will make your business more efficient at work. It allows you to expand your business services beyond country limits. If you have an offshore team, you can do more work, which will directly increase profits for the company.

Lower costs

Another advantage of the offshore workforce is low operating costs. Hiring employees abroad can significantly reduce the cost of equipment, utilities, infrastructure, and employee salaries. According to The Economist, building an offshore team helps companies save more than 30% in total costs. Use the money saved from offshoring for other essential investments and expenses.

Access to qualified resources

When working with offshore employees, your company does not need to invest in recruiting and training expensive resources for your business. Providers will take care of it with the help of their team of highly trained professionals. The resources hired by the suppliers will be knowledgeable in their respective fields. Also, they will have extensive experience in process management.

Time zone advantage

Apart from the price advantage, another benefit is the time zone difference between the location you outsource to you and your country. The difference helps you do your work at bedtime and wakes up the following day when the favor is being done, which gives you the unique advantage of staffing 24/7.

Control over several miles

Remember, offshoring does not mean giving up control or sacrificing the quality of your product. You are still responsible for the training and development of these employees and can guide them even if they are physically away from you. With the advancement of communication technology, you can easily ensure that all your employees, internally and externally, align and work towards the same goal.

More marketing opportunities

Offshore teams in different countries allow you to find more customers. Hence, you have the opportunity to raise awareness about your business in different countries and therefore make your company a global brand, which will help you attract more potential customers’ attention.

Global competitive advantage

Outsourcing your job also gives you access to a massive pool of highly educated and skilled people. Bringing these experiences and ideas from people around the world gives your company a global competitive edge. What’s more, these employees can provide unique methods and new approaches to problem resolution.

Availability in various locations

When you open your business in different locations worldwide, you create a staff that can work 24/7, which will ensure that your business ideas get converted very fast. It will add extra value to you, in doing so, providing the best support to their customers when they may need it.

Large access to resources

Besides working with professionals who have hard-to-find skills and are highly competitive, offshoring also allows you to use ineffective resources in your field. Resources that are technically difficult to supply locally will no doubt be found anywhere around the world.

Ability to focus on complex tasks

With offshore employees, most routine administrative tasks such as payroll, record keeping, and other tedious and time-consuming business processes, such as management and recruitment, can be removed from your in-house staff responsibilities. Help them focus on more complex projects and tasks, which will also increase the engagement of your internal team.

The skillset of the professionals you recruit from us.

Let’s take a look at some tasks that \ our employees can do for you.

  • Personal and executive assistant: Can’t focus on your core business? Now you can hire a personal assistant and assign him to work with emails, shopping, and appointments.
  • Administrator and Receptionist Functions: Some tasks are mundane to accomplish, aren’t they? But then we have a solution. Our employees can be your hands and handle everything like accounting, billing, data entry, scheduling, CRM management, and decryption. So why not recruit one?
  • Real Estate Support / Real Estate Listings: Sometimes, it can be challenging to complete tedious tasks such as posting advertisements for sale and renting on websites and reducing losses. So, hiring a remote employee here can make your job easier.
  • Support: Yes, we have all the resources available to free you from time-consuming tasks such as live chat, email inquiries, and technical support. So hire our staff and focus on other essential things.
  • Social media management: A social media campaign sometimes turns out to be strong support, but alas, where to get that time? Don’t worry; hire our professionals to post and update on popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn on our behalf.

How to Hire Offshore Employees From Zytal?

Hiring an offshore employee Was Never Too Easy. Here are four easy steps that should be followed while hiring an offshore employee from Zytal:

  • Provide a detailed description of your requirement.
  • Select the candidates you want to interview with our chosen CV submitted by us.
  • Conduct interviews with candidates through videoconferencing and choose the most appropriate.
  • Hire your chosen candidate and start immediately.

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