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Zytal Info Pvt Ltd provides BPO services which is one of the fastest-growing business process outsourcing organizations. In our quest to provide more opportunities to today’s youth, we offer BPO services.

We offer a unique range of BPO services from IT services, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Technical Support, data management services such as data entry services to complete back-office services, and include Inbound and outbound Support for Customer Relationship Management, Outbound Telesales, as well as outbound calls for all types of industry-specific solutions in the BPO Services.

By outsourcing secondary business activities such as data entry and customer service, companies can focus exclusively on their core business. In this way, they can invest resources in only the most important tasks.

Starting A New Job
  • How do We Work
How do We Work

At Zytal Info Pvt Ltd, We :

  • Set long term direction of business.
  • Set clear business goals, goals and milestones.
  • Identify our business structure.
  • Help lenders and investors understand our business idea.

We understand that it is important to develop a good plan, we should review and update it regularly. This allows us to adapt to new market changes. So at Zytal Info Pvt Ltd, you will get assured Job Security.

Our Communication Tools
We know that a set of good communication tools is needed to keep your projects running smoothly. These communication tools help Zytal Info Pvt Ltd to collaborate over projects and share updates and relevant files.

Messaging Tools
Messaging tools like Slack helps us to quickly collaborate over projects and share relevant data with our staff. We create individual channels on a regular basis for team-specific conversations. We have also created a sales message channel for focused discussions with our client’s sales team.

Video Conferencing Tools
We are using Video calling tools like Skype and Zoom so that our clients easily interact with our BPO staff. We host team meetings and product reviews over them during the covid pandemic as our BPO staff is spread across the globe! It ensures that everyone in our BPO team feels connected with each other. at Zytal Info Pvt Ltd you will feel like a family rather than a traditional office environment.

Performance Tracking Tools
Performance tracking tools help us to monitor the productivity of our employees. These Performance Tracking Tools Helps Zytal Info Pvt Ltd to:

Determine how actively our employees are working.
Identify if any employee of Zytal Info Pvt Ltd is passing idle-time as work hours.
Track how long projects take to complete. It helps us to create accurate records of time worked to bill clients.

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